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Secret Lair - Just Some Totally Normal Guys

Secret Lair - Just Some Totally Normal Guys

Brand New, English, 1 In stock
CAD$ 60.00
  • Description

    It’s them! Just some regular folks we ran into. Roman Klonek made ’em. Some everyday people in a wacky, whimsical world who are doing their best. If you put them in your deck or collection, they’ll do their best for you there, too. It’s like they always say: every friend group has the Void Winnower, the Goblin Settler, the Collector Ouphe, and the Vengevine. Which one are you? Tag yourself and let us know on Twitter with #MTGSLD! 

    1x Borderless Void Winnower 
    1x Borderless Goblin Settler 
    1x Borderless Collector Ouphe 
    1x Borderless Vengevine